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Duracore Lifestyle

Engineered with world-leading tech, Duracore®Lifestyle is a high-performance rigid floor, blending the best of science and design with a steely focus on durability.

Outrageously resilient, Duracore®Lifestyle uses ultra-resistant flooring finishes to achieve superior dent, scratch and stain resistance.

Rigorously tested internationally and in New Zealand, Duracore®Lifestyle is 100% waterproof, rigid & stable, quiet, easy to install and emulates real timber with Embossed in Register (EIR) texture technology giving the look as well as the feel of real timber #nottimber.

Duracore’s composite layering with rigid mineral core is incredibly robust ideal for busy kiwi families who simply don't have the time to be too precious yet still want that genuine timber look and feel. With a proven 5 year track record in New Zealand and tens of thousands of m2 installed, client references, referrals and repeat customers, Ecodure is proud to be the exclusive supplier of Duracore® in New Zealand.

Green Guard Gold Accredited, an absolute assurance of quality.

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Duracore Lifestyle Akaroa
Duracore Lifestyle Omaha
Cathedral Cove
Duracore Flush Stairnose

Akaroa has a defined oaked grain pattern and fantastic variation across both board and floor. Warm rich light-mid oak tones work well with NZ natives and the minimal Japandi movement. See our huge Pilates Installation here

Beach vibes are light and airy. Omaha enjoys a light beige tone with a gentle grain pattern. Using Embossed in Register (EIR) Technology, feel as well as the ebs and flows of the grain beneath your feet.

Rich and warm, Cathedral Cove is a light-mid brown with pinker tones. Striking against a black kitchen and fresh against gallery white walls. Like all Duracore Floors, Cathedral Cove is 100% water resistant, perfect for use in bathrooms, kitchens and mud rooms. Busy lives with kids, pets and all the muck that comes with it? Perfect, here for it.

Kiwi living means working hard, playing hard and getting a little messy along the way.

Matakana like all Duracore Floor colours can stand up to the most rugged of demands from beach to farm to inner-city oasis. Waterproof, dog & kid proof, dent, scratch and stain resistant - your family (including your furry mate) have to try pretty hard to beat Duracore Matakana.

Check out this team giving it their best shot ...

Duracore comes complete with its own accessory pack. Flush stairnoses and trims for a tidy finish matching any one of your chosen floors.

Bespoke options for finishing are available too, simply send us your plans and we can work with your builder, architect, joinery team, designer and even your fireplace installer to make sure we finish your floor to the highest of standards.

Details, details, details - Duracore loves it.

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Eco-Friendly & Sustainable
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Engineered for New Zealand
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100% Waterproof
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100% Pet Proof
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Silica Free
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Easy to Install
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Reduces Noise
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Scratch, dent & stain resistant
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Install on almost any surface
1.5mm Pre-Attached Cork Underlay

Natural cork further enhances Duracore’s acoustic quality. It’s naturally hypoallergenic and copes well with moisture. Extra strength insulation that’s gentle beneath the soles of your feet.

BeLite® Patented Core Technology

Making Duracore® the sustainable way reduces the use of total core materials by up to 20%. It cuts transport costs by at least 6% and saves CO2 at every stage of a panel’s journey, from factory to installation.

Deep Structured Decorative Layer

The look & feel of premium hardwood with the benefit of being 100% waterproof and super scratch resistant.

Rigid Mineral Core

100% waterproof, stable, rigid, scratch and dent resistant. Formulated to meet the requirements of the NZ environment.


An incredibly tough and beautiful finishing technique that gives Duracore®Lifestyle its superior performance in the key areas that truly matter; stain, scratch & wear resistant.

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