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Design-led flooring to suit any space.
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We’re inspired by good design, clever technology and we enjoy adding real value for you and your design team. An eagle eye to ensure your flooring project is finished to the enth degree.

At Ecodure, we are small and agile, which allows us to consistently secure and deliver some of the world's best flooring innovations - often first, which we think is pretty neat for an independent. Brilliant products with features and benefits that tick boxes for New Zealand projects and the lifestyle that goes with them.

Whether it is durability and resilience for young families and pets, bullet proof performance for high traffic commercial spaces or a commitment to sustainable practice at a cost-effective price, we have solutions to fit your needs.

Ecodure Oak

Ecodure offers quality engineered oak flooring solutions, guidance and connections to artisan installers across any project.

Manufactured using genuine French Oak lamella sourced from the forests of France, Ecodure Engineered Oak Flooring delivers ultra contemporary multi width & herringbone planks, affordable entry level solutions or guidance through a purely bespoke project crafting an artisan floor that's truly your own.

Select from premier to rustic finishes, various widths, thicknesses and lengths, custom colours, textures and surface finishes. Go for a distressed, aged-look or the clean boards of a hand selected premium grade. Blend colours, choose saw markings and hand scraping - the options are truly endless!

Visit our showroom to see our full range.

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Ecodure Australian

Ecodure Australian Native Hardwood flooring is quite spectacular.

Grain and colour patterns across the timber range throw every hue of the Aussie bush, genuine alternatives to the much loved kiwi natives.

Available in 132mm and 180mm wide planks, this pre-finished range features a micro bevel profile and a matt coating, to achieve an earthy aesthetic.

Consistent in quality and structural stability, Australian Native is constructed using a low shrinkage, eco-friendly Hevea core and a tough Australian hardwood lamella.

Australian Native engineered flooring provides a practical and beautiful option suited for day-to-day use in most applications across flooring, wall cladding and furniture craft.

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BJELIN Hardened Oak

Bjelin's Scandinavian-designed Hardened Oak Flooring is built to withstand the test of time with a unique blend of revolutionary technologies making these incredibly beautiful water-resistant floors, 3x harder than engineered oak.

Featuring Woodura® technology, it's now possible to compress and harden wood, producing floors that are three times stronger than traditional wood floors - a flooring technology as revolutionary as the 3-layer parquet was in 1944.

By utilizing tall clean Croation Oak, the availability of Premium Grade Oak becomes readily accessible and cost effective, while nature and rustic grades also feature in the XL and XXL collection.

Image from the new Lakritsfabriken store – The Liquorice Factory – opened at the shopping mall Väla in Helsingborg, Sweden, Bjelin’s hardened wood floor LOSHULT 3.0 XXL featured in the stylish design.

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Duracore Lifestyle

Engineered with world-leading tech, Duracore®Lifestyle is a high-performance rigid floor, blending the best of science and design with a steely focus on durability.

Outrageously resilient, Duracore®Lifestyle uses ultra-resistant flooring finishes to achieve superior dent, scratch and stain resistance.

Rigorously tested internationally and in New Zealand, Duracore®Lifestyle is 100% waterproof, rigid & stable, quiet, easy to install and emulates real timber with Embossed in Register (EIR) texture technology giving the look as well as the feel of real timber #nottimber.

Duracore’s composite layering with rigid mineral core is incredibly robust ideal for busy kiwi families who simply don't have the time to be too precious yet still want that genuine timber look and feel. With a proven 6 year track record in New Zealand and tens of thousands of m2 installed, client references, referrals and repeat customers, Ecodure is proud to be the exclusive supplier of Duracore® in New Zealand.

Green Guard Gold Accredited, an absolute assurance of quality.

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Duracore Ultra

Exclusive to Ecodure, Duracore®Ultra™ waterproof flooring is a beautiful iteration of the hugely popular high performance Duracore® rigid-hybrid floor range.

With ultra-wide and long panels, a superior overall grain and timber aesthetic is achieved at an affordable price point. By blending the best of Duracore® uncompromising technology and stunning advances in finishing techniques, Duracore®Ultra™ is already proving popular with architects, builders and homeowners.

Waterproof flooring so resilient it's ultra scratch, dent and stain resistant. Perfect for kitchen and bathroom floors meeting E3/AS1 requirements.

Green Guard Gold Accredited, an assurance of quality.

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100% Waterproof, kid proof and pet proof, COREtec is the original pioneer in Luxury Vinyl Rigid Flooring.

Innovators, style enthusiasts & big believers in technology, COREtec set out to create a better floor and ended up creating an entirely new category.

As the original stockist of COREtec in New Zealand, Ecodure Flooring values such a commitment to tech and aesthetics, solving kiwi problems with quality solutions.

COREtec stands up to real life and then some. So naturally, all COREtec floors come with a limited lifetime residential warranty.

Green to the core: All COREtec flooring products are GREENGUARD GOLD Certified for indoor air quality.

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Duracore Silent

Quite possibly the quietest acoustic flooring on the market.

Acoustically clever, sustainable and with the look and feel of genuine oiled-oak, DuracoreSilent® is the next generation in waterproof rigid floors boasting market leading acoustic solutions for multi-level, commercial and residential buildings.

The new patented acoustic technology is embedded deep within the mineral core, so when combined with Duracore's existing acoustic capabilities, reduces sound transfer between concrete tenancy floors by a market leading 21dB and with an IIC68, comfortably exceeds NZBC G6 requirements of IIC55.

What does this mean for my project?

- A simple, clean, green, tidy and time saving acoustic floor to meet NZBC G6 acoustic flooring requirements.

- No additional acoustic underlays, acoustic glues and associated installation costs of each.

All supported by cutting-edge sustainable manufacturing technology and Green Guard Gold certification, an absolute assurance of quality.

The new Premium Nature Coat™ gives the boards an oiled oak-look like no other rigid floor on the market.

Duracore®Silent is the all-round beautiful solution and the future of flooring.

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Ecodure Carpet

Our broad range of Wool and Solution Dyed Nylon carpets deliver resilient soft flooring, completing your overall flooring experience in-house.

From ultra luxurious dense weights for our high end architectural new builds right through to quality affordable options for the bach or investment property.

Samples available in store only.

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