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Technology Powered Flooring
Technology Powered Flooring

Packed with world-leading tech, Duracore® is a high-performance rigid-hybrid flooring product blending the best of science, technology and design. Engineered and rigorously tested internationally and right here in Aotearoa, New Zealand, Duracore® is 100% waterproof flooring, highly durable, dent resistant, rigid & stable and noticeably quiet. It has a proven, 5 year track record, with thousands of meters laid. We pride ourselves on Duracore® being a premium and superior product, and it is currently leading the rigid floor market into a more tech driven category.

Duracore® is a superb, all-round solution to many different applications. Our full waterproof flooring range is suitable for living spaces, as well as wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.

Our new Duracore® Silent range has incredible acoustic qualities, and is currently favored in new apartment buildings and homes throughout New Zealand.

Duracore® Benefits
Eco-Friendly & Sustainable
Engineered for New Zealand
Easy to Install
Scratch, dent & stain resistant
Acoustic Core Technology
Install on almost any Surface
Duracore_Pet Proof.png
100% Pet Proof
100% Waterproof - Suitable for Kitchens & Bathrooms
Duracore_Silica Free.png
100% Silica Free
Duracore_technology graphic.jpg

The future of flooring

Duracore® is "best in class" waterproof rigid flooring, supported by a proven track record and five years of success in New Zealand.

With a commitment to innovate in both product tech and sustainability, Ecodure brings new environmental and acoustic advantages to the existing features Duracore® is well known for; ultra durability, waterproof (can be used in bathrooms and kitchens), dent, stain and scratch resistance.

2023 introduced Duracore®Silent acoustic flooring to the Duracore range. It's so quiet it's unheard of in New Zealand, (even surprising third-party acoustic specialists!). Reducing sound transfer between concrete tenancy floors by an incomparable 21dB. Yet another best-in-class innovation that cements Duracore® as a leader in the rigid and hybrid flooring categories.

Duracore® is committed to innovation that works for New Zealand conditions. So even though our products rigorously tested overseas, we ensure we do the same right here at home.

Real solutions for real kiwi buildings.

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Exclusive to Ecodure

New Zealand's specialists in Hybrid & Rigid Flooring, Ecodure has always been a leader in these categories. Starting all the way back in 2016 when we first introduced Coretec to NZ. Still one of our prized brands within the Ecodure house, we have expanded to develop our flagship product Duracore.

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